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Pam Brossman, The SheExperts Lady with The Millionaire Attitude!

Ms. Brossman will reveal how to develop the all powerful millionaire attitude that guarantees you building a six figure business.

After 25 years in the Corporate Communications industry and the birth of her son Hunter, Pam decided the corporate life was no longer for her and went in search of a lifestyle change.

Just recently Pam launched SheExperts.com  to help women entrepreneurs learn how to take their expertise and use the power of digital marketing, digital branding, digital products and digital communications to build a successful business that gives them complete ownership of their career and lifestyle choices.

Cindy Schulson

Ms Schulson will reveal 3 Steps to Discovering Your Perfect Niche in your business so that you can become profitably branded.

Cindy Schulson, Founder of AttractYourNiche.com, helps coaches, consultants and other solo professionals master their niche and create a marketing system to attract their ideal clients and earn leveraged income. In order to market yourself with ease, you have to know WHO you want to attract, WHAT solution you provide and WHY people should work with you. Cindy helps her clients put together these three pieces of the “Niche Puzzle”so they can attract their ideal clients, earn more and market less.

Cindy brings both coaching experience and over 20 years of business experience. She has an MBA and has worked in Strategic Communications for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa International.

Cindy’s Niche Success Kit has helped guide thousands of solo professionals on the road to finding their own niche.

Georgina Sweeney, The Transformational Business Coach & Money Mentor!

Ms. Sweeney will be letting you in on how to cultivate the money mindset.

Georgina helps heart-centered, brilliant women to be richly rewarded for the transformation they create in the world.

This she does by helping these women entrepreneurs experience TRUE FREEDOM in their business and their life: Through strategic and imaginative marketing…inspirational business coaching…liberating clearing work…and a heightened sense of intuition...the work she does brings out the brilliance in women for all the world to see.

Walethia Aquil, Lady Grace and Charm

Ms. Aquil will reveal how important your etiquette is to your business brand and your profession.

Walethia Aquil, CEO of Grace and Charm  is  a dynamic ball of innovative fire that can help you jump start your business and your brand via her Grace and Charm Success System signature products.

Her mission is to “Equip entrepreneurs with the skills, training and information necessary to ensure that their personal and professional image does not distract from the productiveness of their professional efforts.”

Wessam Mohie, Middle East’s #1 Guerrilla Marketing Coach!

Wessam works with a wide range of self-employed professionals and SME’s to help them launch successful businesses and attract a steady stream of clients through crafting irresistible offers. An entrepreneur herself, Wessam has launched a thriving training and coaching business whereby her utmost mission is to help as much women entrepreneurs as possible to replicate her success.

Audiences of various backgrounds have consistently rated Wessam’s courses as relevant and content rich and her delivery style as inspirational.

With over 13 years of consulting/ training for some top companies in the Middle East, Wessam has also designed and delivered a wide range of entrepreneurship programs to audiences from various countries in the Middle East, in both Arabic and English.

Unlike the stereotyped woman you may have been made to believe of the Middle East, Wessam is the #1 Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East with 2 University degrees to her name.

Melody Stevens, The Time Millionaire!

Ms. Stevens will be letting you in on secrets to becoming a time millionaire to building your six figure brand business.

Melody Stevens says that the best teachers in business (and life) are the ones who have made the most colossal mistakes, and have lived to tell about them.  She is a 15 year veteran music studio owner (now with 2 locations), singer, consultant, mother, wife and homeowner. Her miraculous recovery from poor business decisions, workaholism, food addiction, codependence, ADD, abuse, chronic yo-yo dieting and low self esteem has earned her the title “Time Millionaire.”

Ms. Stevens today has a successful company that runs almost completely without her, several additional business projects, she spends her days on high dividend activities that earn her more and more time including working ON her businesses, not in them, participating in her exercise paradises, and with her family and friends that she most enjoys.

Placida Acheru, The No-nonsense Coach!

Ms. Acheru will help you to start turning your passion into profits.

Placida Acheru is One of UK's Top Business Transformational Coaches and Founder of "Coaching 4 Excellence". She started in business turning her hobbies into money-making ventures and showing others how to do the same. Today, Placida is an internationally sought-after speaker, Business transformational and monetization strategist.

Placida's experience, business systems and strategies have impacted the lives of business owners, helping them restore vision, take action and create excellence in business. Her passion is seeing people discover their true calling, take charge of their lives, break through every roadblock to their financial success and enjoy total fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Linda Claire Puig

Ms. Puig will reveal how to create a powerful newsletter system that works and turns your readers into buyers so that you can build your six figure business.

Linda Claire Puig is a newsletter marketing expert and founder of Ready2Go Articles, Ready2Go Ezines, Ready2Go Brochures, which provide independent, service-based professionals with high-quality, professionally written, done-for-you content to grow their businesses.

She's also the creator of the  6-Figure Newsletter Secrets Virtual Intensive,  which teaches her exclusive newsletter and email communications system.

An award-winning journalist and writer, Linda's articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters throughout the world for the last 28 years. Linda is on a mission for entrepreneurs to "fall in love" with the newsletter and use this key marketing tool to create a successful business that supports their dream life.

Michelle Shaeffer

Ms. Shaeffer will reveal some quick and easy ways to attract more traffic, give high value and increase profits with your blog.

Michelle has been online creating websites since the early 90s, has coded thousands of web pages in that time and worked as a virtual assistant and website designer for non-profits and small business owners including marketers, authors, coaches, crafters, consultants and others. She once wrote 42 blog posts in a single day, and has mentored more than 2,500 bloggers through leading online blog challenges.

Depending on the time of day you might find her writing about visibility and voice, helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through her workshops and one on one consultations, managing her website hosting company, homeschooling, or playing with her three kids in the beautiful Alaskan sunshine while enjoying an iced coffee.

Kristin Thompson

Ms. Thompson will reveal to you how important speaking is to your brand potency and profitability.

As a speaker, business coach, and Founder of speakSERVEgrow.com, and the creator of several popular programs like Presentation Memory Power and Command Any Room, Kristin is the go-to girl when you want to learn how to gain more clients, cash, and visibility for your business.

Kristin spent an award winning decade in media sales working for companies like CBS and NBC, but in 2007 she was ready to start a family. This decision forced her out of a full-time sales position, and into her own business where she could serve her family and serve her purpose, while profiting in a big way. With a baby at home, working just 3 days a week, Kristin started rockin rooms, filling workshops, and selling out programs.

Today, Kristin enjoys the $10,000 month, week, day all on a part time schedule and she helps her clients to do the same by helping them to gain more visibility, more cash, more clients, and live the life of their dreams.

Laura Rubinstein, The Social Media Marketing Strategist!

Ms. Rubinstein will help you know how to maximize your social media efforts for profits.

Laura Rubinstein is a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, Master Leadership Coach, Hypnotherapist and President of the Social Buzz Club. She helps business owners create a brand, buzz and profitable relationships.

She leads the Social Media Blast Off Course, a live social media marketing webinar series for entrepreneurs.

Laura has mastered the art of relationship building and coached more than 1,000 business owners over the past 20 years in marketing strategies. Using her hypnotherapy background, Laura brings a keen awareness of habits and motivators that cause prospects to take action and yield results.

Having worked with a repertoire of clients including  American Express Cruise Planners, and Nickelodeon’s “How To Rock” teen sensation Cymphonique Miller, Laura has the tools to leverage our time, the strategies that make deeper connections and the training to turn our passions into profits using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogging.

Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent!

Ms. Rewers will reveal all about “Playing BIG! How to Get Lucrative Corporate Clients for Your Business So You Can Multiply Your Revenue… and Have a Bigger Impact in the World”

Harnessing her 15+ years of award-winning work with global corporations, Angelique teaches entrepreneurs how to stop chasing cash-strapped clients and instead land lucrative corporate contracts.

Having successfully navigated the corporate buying process from both sides of the table, Angelique's “insider” secrets and strategies make this $2 trillion market more accessible to all.

Shawn Driscoll

Ms. Shawn Driscoll will help you discover your unique hot selling signature idea so that you can have your unique message and presence in your industry.

Shawn is fiercely committed to discovering what makes each business owner distinctive and supporting them in creating exclusive products and programs around that talent or ability. Her smart and level-headed style, coupled with a dash of sass, causes her to be a sought after coach and business consultant to high-achieving entrepreneurs globally. She helps trailblazing business leaders inspire and impact others through their gifts and talents.

Prior to starting her own business, Shawn worked at a top consulting firm and became an in-demand organizational change consultant working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies. She quickly gained a reputation for inspiring leadership teams to break through resistance and move global projects forward with unprecedented speed.

Today, Shawn helps her clients see that they can build cutting edge businesses by tapping in to who they are and how they are inherently ‘wired.’

Carolyn Herfurth, The Sales Expert!

Ms. Herfurth will teach you all about the art of the ask - How to ask for and earn your prospect’s business.

After helping launch 100 businesses in seven years, Carolyn Herfurth felt helpless as she watched 80% of her clients struggle with sales and saw the havoc it wreaked on their personal, financial and business lives. It ticked her off enough that she walked away from her multiple six-figure business to start The Biztruth.

She now boosts the sales confidence of entrepreneurs who go on to earn an additional 4 to 5 figures each month. Carolyn specializes in working with small business owners who are super talented and experienced great success in their past corporate career, but now need help figuring out how to sell their own services, without manipulation. She had to figure it out for herself when she made the transition from corporate America to starting her first business over 9 years ago, so she "gets it" and shows you a way to simplify it.

Her playful style is a breath of fresh air to those who believe business, like life, is meant to be enjoyed!

LaShanda Henry,

Ms. Henry will reveal how you can turn your blog into a PR marketing machine.

LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years. She owns over 15 web properties and is most passionate about helping women entrepreneurs learn how to navigate the web and build successful online businesses. As both a web designer and internet marketing coach, LaShanda has been featured in magazines such as Essence, Ebony, The Network Journal, and BlackEnterprise.com. As a blogger she has worked with brands including Disney, General Mills, TNT, Walmart, and many others. 

Between her websites, social networking communities, blogs, eBooks and now SistaSense In Print magazine, LaShanda is on a mission to use technology as a tool to affect positive change within the black community online.